“Having to work with arthritis for the past 10 years has been very hard on my wrist, ankles, and shoulders. In fact, I have not been able to work for the past three years. I started using the Lavanda Joint Blend four months ago and have now cut back on my medication and returned to work part time.”


“I tend to have a lot of sinus headaches that can turn into a migraine. I rub the Breathe Again Blend around the sinus area and forehead and even put some under my nose...

I can’t begin to tell you how many times this blend has kept me from a full-blown migraine.”

Saginaw, MI

“Dear Lavanda Aromatherapy,

I have never before written a note to a company to say how great a product is. I had a really wicked cold and kept getting a sore throat. After the second cold a friend recommended your Immune Support. I used it as directed and by the second day my throat was better. The next time I started to get a cold I immediately put the cream on and the next day- no sore throat.

Thank you. Your product works so well I just had to write.”

New York, NY

“I currently use Lavanda formulations in my practice. I have witnessed their therapeutic effects on myself as well as my patients.”

A.K., D.C.
Dallas, TX

“Over and over again I am taken with the high quality of formulations you offer.”

Santa Fe, NM

About Us

Lavanda Aromatherapy was founded and developed in 1991 by Maria-Dolores Trujillo, a Board Certified Traditional Naturopath, Clinical Aromatherapist, researcher and educator.

Our Products

Offering an extensive line of ready-to-use aromatherapy formulas, and versatile synergies based on clinical aromatherapy, in three categories: skin care and beauty, health and wellness, and preventative care

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Lavanda offers undiluted, unrectified, true essential oils of botanical medicinal grade and aromatherapy supplies  to practitioners.