Product Quality

Lavanda offers practitioners a large selection of undiluted, unrectified, true essential oils of botanical medicinal grade. Sourced from countries all over the world and, whenever possible, from organically grown plants in the traditional manner on licensed land, without the use of artificial fertilizers or sprays, they are therefore extracted in their purest form possible.

To insure their quality and to quantify chemical constituents, they are independently analyzed at their place of origin by the Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry (GC, MS) methods. Information on their botanical name indicating genus, species, and chemo types when available, as well as country of origin, is always listed.

Other complementary products and bulk sizes are also offered to practitioners to create their own aromatherapy formulations.

About Us

Lavanda Aromatherapy was founded and developed in 1991 by Maria-Dolores Trujillo, a Board Certified Traditional Naturopath, Clinical Aromatherapist, researcher and educator.

Our Products

Offering an extensive line of ready-to-use aromatherapy formulas, and versatile synergies based on clinical aromatherapy, in three categories: skin care and beauty, health and wellness, and preventative care

Our Services

Lavanda offers undiluted, unrectified, true essential oils of botanical medicinal grade and aromatherapy supplies  to practitioners.