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Skin Care Line

All the Skin Care Products one would need for a Nighttime and Daytime Skin Care Regime. Smooth, mildly fragrent when applying, these formulas are absorbed and become neutral in just a few minutes. And they accomplish wonders.

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Body Care

Works well with all the skin care products.

Products 3

Special Formulas

Special Formulas offer a selection of remedies for daily use, supporting and strengthening the body, and assisting in ailment prevention.

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Common Ailments

Common Ailments offer formulas created to help during the course of common ailments.

Products 4

Essential Oils

a wide range of essential oils and citrus essences of botanical medicinal grade, 100% concentrated, undiluted, un-rectified, authentic, organic whenever possible, and sourced from countries worldwide whenever possible.

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A carrier is a vehicle to enhance penetration of active ingredients through the skin as well as to promote nutrients to the skin and body.

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Among their therapeutic benefits when added to the formula is tohelp the skin and body in the battle against free radicals.

Products 4

Bottles, Jars & Droppers

You can purchase these supplies for formulating your own formulas.

About Us

Lavanda Aromatherapy was founded and developed in 1991 by Maria-Dolores Trujillo, a Board Certified Traditional Naturopath, Clinical Aromatherapist, researcher and educator.

Our Products

Offering an extensive line of ready-to-use aromatherapy formulas, and versatile synergies based on clinical aromatherapy, in three categories: skin care and beauty, health and wellness, and preventative care

Our Services

Lavanda offers undiluted, unrectified, true essential oils of botanical medicinal grade and aromatherapy supplies  to practitioners.