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Digestive, Immune and Detox

We are offering you three formulas of Lavanda Products to help support your body during these last Winter months and into Spring.

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Lavanda Aromatherapy Botanical Products

Over the years, Lavanda® Aromatherapy Botanical Products has established a reputation for quality, supplying products of the highest possible therapeutic grade. Founder Maria-Dolores Trujillo (see below) has created a line of truly superior products from original, hand-crafted formulas addressing the body, and its physical and emotional needs based on a history of of many individual, one-on-one consultations. Lavanda® Aromatherapy offers a wide selection of formulas for the whole family, in three unique product lines to address conditions of the skin, body and mind.

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Founder Maria-Dolores Trujillo

Maria Dolores TrujilloLavanda® Aromatherapy Botanical Products are developed by Maria-Dolores Trujillo, a Board Certified Traditional Naturopath, Clinical Aromatherapist, Certified Natural Health Professional, Certified Nutritional Consultant, a licensed Esthetician, and a Researcher and Educator. These highly concentrated products are light in consistency, silken, and easily absorbed by the skin and nose in very small amounts - a little goes a long way. They are designed by nature's way of helping your body regain homeostasis ( a balance within the body, despite external change). Lavanda products contain no parabens, colors, fillers, perfumes, or other components from synthetic or animal origin.

We offer products of only the highest therapeutic grade, made with ingredients obtained from Mother Earth to help the individual to maintain a healthy body, skin, and mind while facing life’s challenges.

We use onlyhighest qualty ingredients. Lavanda products use true essential oils of botanical medicinal grade. Sourced from countries all over the world and, whenever possible, from organically grown plants in the traditional manner on licensed land, without the use of artificial fertilizers or sprays, they are extracted in their purest form.

We feel secure in offering you the best possible product available in any skin care, health, or preventative care line on the market.

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A Few Features and Benefits of Essential Oils and Formulas

Essential oils have been incorporated into the formulation of body care and treatment therapies for hundreds of years. There are many possible benefits to the use of these aromatic, non-chemical, and pure botanical products in your everyday life.

MIND AND MOOD: Some aromatherapy products are linked to a positive effect on brain waves, to enhance memory and alertness, and increase cognitive performance. Some are specialized to assist in achieving contentment, and help in attaining a balanced and calmer mood.

PAIN AND DISCOMFORT: Various essential oils (and our special formulas) have been targeted to relieve the discomfort of a variety of common ailments - like arthritis pain, as well as muscle and joint aches. Some address and soothe nausea, headache, fatigue, sleeplessness, tired eyes, and daily tension, among others.

ORGANS AND STRUCTURAL: There are preventative formulas especially developed to support the healthy function of the adrenal, digestive, muscular and structural systems of the body, as well as those for the supoort and detoxification of the liver, heart and other vital organs.


Lavanda Aromatherapy Products

Offering an extensive line of ready-to-use aromatherapy formulas, and versatile synergies based on clinical aromatherapy, in three categories: skin care and beauty, its preventative formulas, and health and wellness.

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Skin and Body Care

Aromatic, easily absorbed and effective skin care products include moisturizers for all skin types, cleanser, refreshing toner spray, anti-aging fluid, hand and body lotiion and more. See what you like . . . compare with any other line of skin product anywhere.

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Preventative & Common Ailment Formulas

Mood, balance, mental attitude, body systems support formulas (heart, breast, kidney, adrenal, muscular, structural, immune, lymphatic), detoxifying formula, nausea, bruising and trauma to name a few . . .

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Essential & Citrus Oils

Lavanda offers practitioners over 70 undiluted, unrectified, true essential and citrus oils of botanical medicinal grade from the world over and, whenever possible, organically grown . . . in their purest possible form .

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Carrier Oils, Additives & Other Products

Lavanda offers practitioners base carrier oils such as almond, jojoba, calendula, almond, macadamia, St. John's Wort, aloe vera, as well as therapeutic base creams, bottles, jars and droppers.

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About Lavanda Aromatherapy

Read about founder, Maria-Dolores Truillo, who has made a lifetime study of the many "synergies" of the human "ecosystem." Her technical expertise, combined with numerous private consultations, have resulted in these marvelous formulas for body, mind, and spirit.

About Maria-Dolores Trujillo and Lavanda Aromatherapy & Botanical Products