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Freshener Toner

Item 1-9
Freshener - Toner
Tones, hydrates and revives skin counteracting tendency to enlarge pores  helping to minimize sagginess of the skin.
8 oz

Item 1-2
Anti-Aging Fluid
Light and rich, provides a gentle plumping effect of facial features, improves elasticity, helps prevent premature aging.
1 oz

Item 1-3
Gentle, deeply removes make-up, excess surface oil, daily grime and impurities thus leaving the skin soft and supple.

$35.00 4oz

Item 1-4
Deep Cellular Repair
A nourishing formula to improve skin texture at a cellular level.


Item 1-5
Eye Gel

Emollient silky formula designed to nourish and hydrate the sensitive skin around the eyes.
$21.50 1oz


Item 1-6
Essential Blend Oily
Reduces excess oil, has a balancing action on sebaceous glands without dehydrating the skin.
$20.00 1/8oz

$30.00 5ml

Item 1-7
Essential Blend

Stimulates lifeless complexions, improves hydration and elasticity, minimizing wrinkles.
$20.00 1/8oz

$30.00 5ml

Essential Blend Sensitive
Item 1-8
Essential Blend Sensitive
Cooling, soothing and strengthening action on the walls of fine capillaries, improves skin's resilience.
$20.00 1/8oz

$30.00 5ml


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