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Freshener Toner

Item B-1
Cellulite Oil
A formula designed to help in the removal of toxins and unwanted fat.
$28.50 2oz

Freshener Toner

Item B-2
Hand Body Cream
Silky, creamy emollient nourishes, lubricates and protects the skin.
$33.00 4oz

Freshener Toner

Item B-3
Nail Formula
Nourishes fingers,
toe nails & rough, dry, scaly skin on hands , feet.
$22.00 1/2oz

Item B-4
Stretch Marks Cream Formula
Nourishes skin, support tissues, help prevent stretch marks from pregnancy or weight loss.
$32.00 4oz

Item B-5
Varicose Veins Formula
A botanical blend specially formulated to help support the walls of the capillaries.
$25.00 1oz

Freshener Toner

Item B-6
Chamomile Roman Floral Water

$16.00 8oz

Item B-7
Lavender Floral Water
$16.00 8oz


Item B-8
Rose Otto Floral Water
$16.00 8oz


Item 2-21
Scalp Stimulator
Supports and stimulates circulation, promotes a healthy scalp, addresses excess oil, hair loss, adds natural volume to hair
$32.00 2oz

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