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Freshener Toner

Item 2-1
Adrenal Support
This formula helps to support and tone weak adrenal glands, assisting the body during stress, exhaustion, fatigue, or depression causes them to overwork.
$29.00 1oz

Breast Support
Item 2-2
Breast Support
For breast support and care, helps prevent tissue build-up and congestion of fluids or toxins that may get trapped in the ducts, which may lead to lumpy or swollen breast.

1 oz

Freshener Toner

>Item 2-3
Bruising Relief
A botanical blend specially formulated to reduce bruising, pain, and skin discoloration.
1/3 oz

Freshener Toner

Item 2-4
Calm Relax
This excellent formula calms nervousness, palpitations, eases anxiety, and soothes the mind reducing restlessness. It helps to unwind the body and mind when facing difficult challenges, or overwhelmed feelings.


Item 2-5
Confidence Blend
Supports the body and mind when facing shock, phobias, public fear, speaking, being tested, or interviewing. It is a very effective formula to use in times of anxiety, stress, lack of incentive, and when in need of self-confidence.

Freshener Toner

Item 2-6
Detox Formula
A formula designed to encourage movement of retained fluids that tend to accumulate around

Item 2-7
Digestive Formula
A formula to address sluggish digestion and to calm nervousness felt as stomach butterflies. It helps with nausea, colic, congestion and to counteract stomach acidity.
1 oz

>Item 2-8
Emotional Formula
This combination supports the mind in times of stress, depression, nervous tension, or emotional shock.
1 oz


Item 2-9
Heart Support
This formula supports the heart emotionally in times of sorrow, sadness, loneliness, and worry states. It is comforting to the mind and calming to the heart, easing anxiety and palpitations.
1 oz

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